A Little Perspective

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Story of Shoes

Is anyone else ever fascinated by shoes? I mean aside from the female's natural tendency to buy excessive pairs? Because I find myself walking around looking at people's shoes more than looking at faces. I think shoes can tell alot about a person. Not to say that we should start judging people by their shoes because if that were the case, I might not have any friends. But seriously, think about it, because shoes tell a story. If my shoes could talk, here's what I think they would say...

I like to be comfortable
No I do not feel like matching today
I enjoy stepping in puddles
Bright colors on feet hurt my eyes
Heels are not welcome in Elyse's closet
Polka dots can be worn with anything
I'm lucky shoes even got put on this morning
Yes I am a nerd, and proud of it

Anyways, next time your sitting in a place full of people, just take a minute to look around at the shoes. Imagine their stories, imagine the places they've been and the distances they've walked. Shoes go wherever we go, and they are a completely objective third party without any opinion in the matter. :-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ramblings of Psychosis

I have all sorts of anecdotes and wisdom to impart today, so here it goes...

Definition of Psychosis : fundamental derangement of the mind (as in schizophrenia) characterized by defective or lost contact with reality especially as evidenced by delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized speech and behavior

....I think this applies fer sure.

The sun should not always be so bright. I mean don't get me wrong, I love me some good sunshine, but some days it's like: Could you turn the lights down? My head is caining (as Liz would say). I suppose that's how drunks feel everytime they wake up from a hangover though. Ha, never thought I'd be able to liken an experience to that.

Last night I was riding home with some friends around midnight. As we were pulling out of the parking lot I looked up at the sky and could've swore on my life that there was a HUGE comet darting across it. So I yelled and pointed until my poor friend Maddie who was driving looked up. "Whoa that is WIGGITY WACK!" was my knee-jerk reaction. And unfortunately it was not a comet, but rather the moon hidden half behind the mountain and half behind a dark cloud, so only a streak showed through. Thus all my dreams of the world ending had not really come true in the 5.6 seconds I had imagined it.

I absolutely abhor student loans. The process to secure one is so tedious, absurd, and ridiculously long winded that it is truly a miracle any one ever gets their tuition paid. Curse them! How many confounded signatures, tutorials, tax copies, and papers do you people need? Seriously, if I ran the this country college would be free and all those rich celebrities would be paying for it out of taxes. After all, if they insist on debasing the standards and intelligence of society by their careers, they should at least give some kind of penance. But I guess that's why I don't run this country lol.

The other day I was blog surfing and I came to a pathetic realization...I'm just not as funny as I thought I was. I guess I always thought I was witty and clever but in comparison to most, my humor is about as funny as getting poked in the eye. So if your still wasting your time reading this blog, I do apologize. But in all fairness, I never expected anyone to read it anyway.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friends and Fairy Princes

Okay, since I'm working off my laptop battery here, this blog might have to be short...but I would like to give it as much credit as possible. First item of business: today I was again reminded of how incredibly awesome friends are. Seriously, what would life be like without them? I spent all morning by myself doing homework, and then I went to work and class. At work I made friends with an aquaintance and spent a good half hour just talking about random stuff. Then my old roommate comes to visit me (okay she was doing a research project and needed some books) and I got to catch up on all her ridiculously entertaining life stories. Then in spanish class it was the same old drill of me cracking stupid jokes and my friends laughing at them. Back at work again I got to start up sporadic conversations with my co-worker who I personally think is a riot. And to top it all of I got to walk home with my roommate and then watch back to the future 3 with my apartment. For real though, the best thing is sitting down with old friends and laughing together. Man life is good. Anywho, second item on the agenda: I am about to bring up a very touchy topic that I have spent many a days arguing over. That of course is which disney prince takes the cake? Now we all know Dmitri from Anastasia is OBVIOUSLY the most attractive animated character out there...but we're talking disney here. Two of my close friends would argue that Prince Eric from Little Mermaid is the best. But, let me just point out the facts here. Firstly, Prince Eric stupidly falls for Ursula when she's disguised. I mean come on...where's the judge of character? Secondly, he plays the flute...ok now I'm sorry, but flute does not really represent the epitome of masculinity for me. And thirdly, Eric doesn't even do a good job of kicking Ursula's butt. All he has to do is steer the ship into her fat belly. Laaaame. Now Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty...there is a real man. Point A: Prince Philip can sing AND dance. Let's be honest...attractive! Point B: Philip rides horses. If that's not manly then I don't know what is. Point C: Philip kicks Malificents sorry dragon-breathed booty. Malificent is like the baddest disney villain out there, and Philip takes her down single-handedly. Thus, I submit my case to you and leave the final judgment in your hands. But really, is there any competition? I think not.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

This Thesis May NOT Be Copied

Did you think I was going to forget to blog this week? Bwah ha! I triumph again. Anywho, for the last three days I have been spending all my spare moments at work on a new "special" project. Special for two reasons: one because I work in Special Collections of the Harold B. Lee Library and thus everything I do there is "special" and second, because I'm doing the job no one else wanted to do. I have been going through all the dusty old theses in the stacks labeling ones with copyright restrictions. However, there are some benefits to this seemingly tedious assignment. The most important one is that I get to jam to my own ipod tunes while I'm doing it. Seriously...I am getting paid to listen to my music and move my hand mechanically. Another added bonus are the fascinating subjects I get to ponder after reading theses titles. I even stumbled across one with a typo! It read "A radiographic study of the large vowel in 25 normal children" when it SHOULD have read "A radiographic study of the large BOWEL in 25 normal children." Amazing what one letter can mean eh? Like I said, riveting stuff. So overall, I really think all the other chumps at work are missing out on a good time. My life is good, REAL good.

On another completely unrelated topic, I am now going to rant about some literature. Right now I am reading Emma as part of an assignment for my Jane Austen class. Since beginning the class, I've learned to appreciate Austen's writing from a more scholarly view. Thus, I held out hope that although I couldn't stand Emma when I read it a few years ago, all the critical hype about it would prove something worthwhile. Sadly, I am disappointed. While I am still an avid Austen fan and I love her wit, I cannot look upon Emma Woodhouse with anything less than loathing. She one of the most egocentric, ignorant, and conceited characters I have ever read. At least with villains they know they are bad, but Emma is supposed to be the heroine! What kind of person butts into everyone's business, screws everybody's lives up, and then gets the awesome guy? I hate hate hate it! In this instance I really wish fiction wasn't like real life, but alas Austen has it right. It's the story we all know and hate to hear. So here's a thesis statement for you: Emma teaches us one thing only (yes I'm being hyperbolic but just roll with it), and that is that money and good looks can secure you a happily ever after. Thank you fairy godmother.