A Little Perspective

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Late Christmas!

What happened to 2012? Seriously? The older you get the faster time goes by. I hate to think how fast it'll pass once I hit 50. Sheesh. Well the blog is feeling a little neglected. You know it's bad when your mom asks you if you've updated in awhile. The problem is that I feel like I should have something important or entertaining to say in order to update. But I don't. My life is a black hole of redundancy. Work, eat, sleep. Not much else. Except I watch movies somewhere in between to stay sane. And go to the gym occasionally so I don't become morbidly obese. Haha. Speaking of obese, I was hanging out with my little nephew the other day and he had the brilliant idea to google "fattest person alive". And when I say brilliant idea I mean disgusting idea. I've never been so disgusted or horrified in my life. And sad. Wow. I'll count my blessings more too. Anyways, next semester is almost upon us and I am SOOOO excited to only have one more left. Period. Forever. Done. Ahhhh it gives me warm fuzzies.