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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I've Got Sunshine

For those days where everything else in your life seems to be going wrong, at least God blesses us with sunshine...

I've found that I am right back exactly where I was two years ago before I suddenly decided to up and go on a mission. It was a wonderfully difficult and rewarding detour to my life, but again I'm facing graduation, change, and the harsh reality of real life as an adult. Two months and the clock is still ticking. Of course I can't pretend I'm going to miss homework, exams, papers, and lectures. But I might miss the learning part...just a little. Part of me REALLY wants to just pack up everything and move far far away. At least for a little while. Fresh start with new roots. But somehow Utah has this little leash on me that I can't ever seem to get away from. So I'll continue to sit here in the sunshine pondering on why I can't figure my life out and hope that with the warm breeze of spring some inspiration or direction will come with it.


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