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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Down Under

My blog is inexplicably getting very cultured. Strange. Anyways, today the topic is dedicated to my one and only Australian mate. In lieu of her recent visit to the very patriotic and FREE country of the United States of America (Freedom!!!!), I have decided to share with all of you people the lovely linguistic treats she has brought me from her homeland of The Great Outback. So here's a little vocabulary lesson for you from down under.

bogan NOUN [boh-guhn]
An unsophisticated or uncultured person aka hick

knackered ADJ [nak-erd]
Used to describe a tired or exhausted state of being

sweet as ADJ [sweet az]
Phrase to identify something or someone as 'cool'

bro NOUN [broh]
Any person, female or male, who you are friendly with

bonnet NOUN [boh-net]
The front part of a car, otherwise known as a 'hood'

stuff it VERB [stuhf iht]
An action to suggest one is tired of doing something and quits

dunny NOUN [duh-nee]
The bathroom and may also be referred to as the 'dunny can'

Pom NOUN [pahm]
A yuppie British person, and used as an adjective in the form of 'pommy'

Now that you have been thoroughly educated in the ways of the Aussies, you should probably go impress all your friends with your new vocabulary. Of course they might just roll their eyes and judge you because you don't have that cool accent....it happens. However, if you would like to immerse yourself further, proceed to these links where you may experience other fascinating Australian past-times. Cheers!

Andy and Hamish: Stranger Racing
Andy and Hamish: Ghosting


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