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Monday, September 10, 2012

Reading Tea Leaves

I'm about to get a little metaphorical right now. If you can keep up then give yourself a pat on the back, and if not, just don't worry about it.

I am looking at the bottom of a drained tea cup, trying to make out anything from the herbs lying in a seemingly meaningless mess. If you poke it with a spoon from one side, it might be something. But then again, even without poking it, it kind of looks like something else. Finally my curiosity wins out and I poke it anyway. Then I start rotating it around slowly clockwise. Now counter-clockwise. Well if it's that something, then I should probably do this. But if it's this something, than I should probably just avoid doing that. Sit. Stare. Poke it again. Nothing. It makes absolutely no sense. I'm frustrated and feel a little like throwing the stupid tea cup against a wall. But not yet. I can't. I have to know what it means. I go over all the other possibilities I've already decided it can't be, and finally poke one more time. One long stare. And all of the sudden I realize, What the freak am I doing staring at a cup trying to read tea leaves?!?! Who the heck cares? Since when did tea leaves dictate my life?? Tea leaves won't tell me a darn thing.  


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