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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

You know what can pretty much save a pretty crappy looking day? Pumped up kicks. I don't know what it is about that song, but it puts me in a better mood instantly. Maybe it's the retro backup bass, or the non-musical lyric chanting. But I love it.

Now, as for what's going on in life this week, I've got some great stories. Firstly, I finally finally FINALLY watched the last 2-part movie of the Harry Potter series, and it basically completed my life. So good. And I highly recommend watching it with a Potter enthusiast, such as mi loca compa Dena. It makes the experience all the more fulfilling, especially when she yells every five minutes "Look at how cool Hermione is!!! I just want to BE her!!!" Thank you Dena, definitely a weekend highlight. Secondly, yesterday while peacefully walking to the creamery with a friend, some punk kids threw a snowball at us and hit her backpack. After looking around confused, we finally saw them laughing and pointing accusing fingers at one another. So what do I do? Point a menacing finger at them and yell "REPENT!!!" I could almost see their eyes popping out of their sockets, which is why I had to turn around and walk away briskly to keep from falling over on the cement and bursting into a fit of laughter. A Samuel the Lamanite moment, brought to you by BYU and RM sass. Hahaha. And the last great moment of yesterday occurred at the gym while I was trying to ignore all the obnoxiously vain people flexing their muscles as they stare at their reflections in the mirror. I fortuitously looked over at just the right moment. A guy was sitting on a weight chair when a girl in way-too-tight shorts walked by him and he just stared at her butt as she passed. Of course he didn't know I was watching and judging him until he looked up and saw me. I had to resist the impulse to burst into fits of laughter for the second time that day as he looked away shamefully (which only a Provo guy would be ashamed of really, so props for that one). I just wanted to take a picture of it so I could put it on the gym door with a caption: Be honest boys, the REAL reason you came to the gym today.


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