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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Prodigal Blogger

Alright alright, so I know I said I was breaking up with the blog...but a girl can change her mind right? I'm not the first and it definitely won't be that last time I change my mind. Well, life has changed a little bit over the past few weeks. I moved apartments, finished school, and actually made some of those life decisions. Go me! I'm living in what I call the "Jeru Pad" these days with girls that I love. We sit around girl-talking frequently and watching movies on a weekly basis. Oh and did I mention our place is prime real estate right in front of the pool? I'm seriously considering a cardboard cutout for our balcony just so everyone thinks we creep on the pool-goers. Haha. Speaking of the pool, that has turned into my second residence as of late since I've only been working part-time at the library. And while being a bum has it's perks, you can only stand it for about a day before you start to go crazy. Good news is I got a second summer job at Deseret Book that starts next week. Somebody's gotta bring home the bacon. In other news...I'm not graduating until next April. Judge me. Turns out I missed August graduation deadline and since I dislike the idea of graduating in snow and without a minor, I've decided to stick it out one more year for an International Development minor. After that maybe I can get drafted into the CIA for special ops or something. Haha. They always need a good English major! Except I might have to learn arabic or chinese or something. Hm. Oh and the other big change in my life. My parents are moving to Provo. Actually, they already left Salt Lake and are just vacationing for a month before they can get into their new house, which happens to be located a mere 10 minutes from my apartment. I just keep telling myself the pro's outweigh the con's. Free laundry! Haha. Just kidding, I love my family and it'll be nice to be closer. Well I think that pretty much covers it on the life update. But you can probably expect more ranting this summer so....get excited!


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