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Monday, September 14, 2009

Two Truths & a Lie

So I've decided to play a little game. It's not very original, but since I'm tired and I need to blog about something it'll do...

1) it took me four months to realize i liked someone...alot
it took me seven years to get over someone
it took me 22 years before i kissed someone

2) i never lie
i am a liar
i hate to lie

3) i like to run away from my problems
i like to create problems
i like to ignore my problems

4) i do stupid things sometimes
i do stupid things ALL the time
i do stupid things that i hate doing

5) my life is a mess
my life has always been a mess
my life will always be a mess

Ok so I realize this sounds like a real downer, but somedays you just have to say it like it is... I promise I'll get over it. Sooner...haha...otherwise it'd be later.


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