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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nostalgia Dies...Kind Of

Okay so the two weeks have been a little rough. I've been missing Jeru and all my friends like crazy, but I think I'm finally ready to leave the mourning process behind me and move on. Maybe. I think. Ijust need to quit looking at facebook where all those darn pictures are. I should probably just get into that whole second life thing and make new cyber friends to help me get over it. I hear you can even get yourself a spouse! Just what I need...

Anywho, it's been back to work this week and I think I might just lose my mind right there in the basement level of the Harold B. Lee Library this summer. Spending almost 8 hours a day pouring over dusty bookshelves can do that to a person. It's also a frequent occurence for me to emerge from the stacks covered in what we down in Special Collections have lovingly dubbed "rare book". So if you see me running to the bathroom for the billionth time don't worry, I'm just rushing to get the 300 year old "rare book" off my hands.

Here's a random problem for you: what do you do when someone who supposedly knows you calls you the wrong name? I know we've all experienced this phenomena, but what is correct response? Embarrass the person and correct them immediately or just ignore them? I always feel bad, but if it continues for an extended period of time it gets a little ridiculous. I think I'll adopt a new solution: casually strike up a conversation with someone else nearby and strategically get them to say your name. The only problem is that this requires quite a bit of conversation manipulation. I need to work on my rhetoric.

Something else I experienced this week was a blast from the past, pop music style. On the way to fhe I ended up in a car full of girls with a poor boy driving as we jammed to tunes of yesterday like "This is me" by Dream and maybe some Spice Girls. But lets be honest, what girl doesn't want to party when she hears those songs from the middle school days when we all felt and looked most awkward. Oh wait...that's my life everyday. Awesome.


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