A Little Perspective

Friday, June 6, 2008

What a College Education Buys

As I was pondering on what to blog about, I began thinking of all the "profound" life lessons college has already taught me so far. So, here's a top 10 of what my college education has bought me here at BYU...

10 - You must be 0n facebook in order to have any friends in the world.

9 - Watching tv shows on dvd or tivo is way better than watching it live.

8 - Ultimate frisbee might just be the most entertaining outdoor activity ever invented.

7 - James Joyce is never somebody you want to read by choice.

6 - EFY kids act less human than a pack of wolves.

5 - Chances are, you will always have a roommate who is "special" wherever you live.

4 - Texting is the preferred mode of communication rather than face to face.

3 - Dollar movies are now dollar and fifty cent movies...stupid economy.

2 - Cereal is it's own food group and you can have it for any meal.

1 - Less than 25% of what you learn in college will actually be relevant to real life.

Of course this list isn't complete, and I'm sure I will learn even more pertinent life lessons as I continue on my path of higher education. However, it's important to stop and evaluate is exactly how much of that $20,000 tuition money is really paying off. Well grandpa, here you are...