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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tired, Sick, Sore, and Going Back for More

So my first session of EFY has officially concluded. After sleeping in an unimaginably hot bedroom the first night without a pillow, waking up at 5:30am every morning to take girls jogging, injuring my foot and limping for the majority of the week, being sarcastically insulted at least once a day by my participants, and many many other great moments, I find that I still want to go back and do it all over again. In fact, they offered me another week, so I will be! Lucky me. Honestly though, all sarcasm aside, it was a fantastic week. My group of youth were incredible and I really will miss them. I think they taught me more than I could ever have hoped to teach them. But that's the beauty of the gospel, everyone teaching each other. And I cannot wait to go on my mission and experience it every single day! Anyways, as with tradition, I must share some of the greater moments from my week with Be Invigorated, so here they are...

Sitting down on the grass next to the very dry witted Mike and unknowingly leaning back on his hand. He then exclaims, "Whoa Elyse! What are you trying to do? Hold my hand? Are you trying to get FRESH with me?!?!"

Waiting in the very long line at the cannon center with Heather for some orange chicken, only to be given a plate with what we liked to call 'prison rations'. So I rather sarcastically say "I waited in line for THIS?!?!" To which the poor cannon center worker apologetically replied "I'm sorry!!! Did you want more??" Of course I took more. And I know I am a terrible person and a bad example. But hey, squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Staying late at the dance after all the boy participants were sent back to their rooms. After being falsely led to believe all the girls were in trouble, the DJ and leaders proceeded to play the Hoedown Throwdown. Seeing a room full of girls dancing to Hannah Montana was the perfect way to end the day.

Watching my youth devise a company cheer that centered around the participant in our group who wore a black cape...every single day. I kid you not, Mason and his cape were the biggest sensation of the session. Awesome.

Trying to roast starbursts on pizza night with my girls by throwing them up into the lamp overhang. And then having an ugly face contest which I hands down won. Check facebook for photographic documentation soon.

Overall, a very successful week.


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