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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Highlights of the Week

Thinking so distractedly that I walked into the men's bathroom of the student center and stood there for a full 5 seconds with the door open before carefully backing out again and sweeping the hallways to gauge my public humiliation. Then proceeding to laugh myself all the way to the correct gender bathroom.

Running around in the basement so carelessly that I neglected to see the very pointy edge of the glass coffee table right before it embedded itself into my right knee socket. I will probably never regain complete functioning of my poor limb again.

Staying awake until 1:30am just to validate my suspicions that there is in fact a mouse living in my bedroom. Those little beady eyes and quick feet weren't fast enough to escape my notice! Now, as long as he understands he can't share my bed, we can at least be friends.

Trying to remain sane at work only to be rescued by helping a patron who decided to curiously prance around in her hot pink rain boots before I was able to find what she needed. Gotta love those free sprits.

Discovering urbandictionary.com and especially the definition of the phrase 'no dice'. Bless the internet and all it's random glory.

Walking past the bowling alley only to hear the words “Might solve a mystery, or re-write history…Ducktales a whoo hoo!” blasting over the radio. Ah the sweet nostalgia of childhood.

Going D.I. hopping with Suzie and in a moment of stupidity calling it an 'umpire waist' (what the heck? i don't even LIKE baseball!) only to have her almost laugh me out of the store. I swear I knew it was called 'empire waist'...at least I thought I did...

Bowling my highest score ever and beating everyone in attendance. Although, they shall remain nameless for their own vanity's sake. Let's just say 'losing' was deemed gentlemanly since some people are embarrassed to be out-bowled by a girl.

Again embarrassing myself by mispronounciation. This time with the word puree. Maybe I should quit telling people I'm an English major, it's starting to get pathetic.

Basically, yet another spectacular week from the awesomeness known as my life.


Blogger Chelsea Owens said...

Elysey I miss you and your embarrassments! So funny bunny. Boys bathroom, nice. :D

May 23, 2010 at 1:40 AM  

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