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Friday, April 11, 2008

What I think, for what's it's worth

I think life would be a whole lot more simple if a person didn't have to care so much about things. Emotion is what makes the world complicated. If we could all be devoid of emotion, there would less problems in the world. Of course with that void, I suppose there wouldn't be any happiness either. Hm. At the end of the day, which do you feel more? The happiness or the anxiety, confusion, and hurt?

I hate when you can't escape from a weakness, and it follows you everywhere. No matter how hard you try to get over it and move on, it still plagues your life. Yet you know that without that weakness, there would be a part of you missing. It's a fault that becomes part of you...indistinguishable from the rest. And even though you wish it would go away sometimes, you really can't live without it.

I can't decide what to do. I hate that too. Today I just hate everything. How does a person choose amongst so many options? How do you know which one is right? It doesn't really matter what you want, it matters what you need most. So maybe I've just been asking myself the wrong questions. Maybe I need to focus on what would impact me most, not what I want. That simplifies things...especially since even I don't know what I want at this point. The only thing I want is for someone to make the decision for me. Wow, I need some sleep.


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