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Friday, March 28, 2008

Thoughts of the Week

today i dont feel like using punctuation. except for the period. the period is good. anways, it has been a fairly productive week. and each week past means summer gets closer. always good news. so, a few thoughts that occurred to me this week...

one of the best parts of the day is at breakfast, when you're eating your favorite cereal. then there's that extra milk at the bottom of the bowl. pouring that extra half a cup of cereal in to use it up...one of life's little pleasures in my opinion.

as i was walking on campus to the library, which is not of course my favorite place, there was a band playing in the wilk courtyard. i looked over briefly and continued walking, but still listened to the music. at that moment i had been thinking of some less than perfect part of my life and the music just matched it. it was then i decided that life should have background music. think about it...if all the important moments of your life had some track of music that explained the situation perfectly, memories would be more profound. at least i think it would. life is better with music.

finally, driving home from work today, i started thinking about how people never view themselves the way everyone else does. whenever you ask somebody who knows you really well to describe you, they usually offer something up that you never thought about before. whether we see ourselves better or worse doesn't really matter i guess. it's just interesting that every person seems so blind to their own personalities. how well do you really know yourself? i mean really? as a species, human beings are just too ambiguous. maybe life would be easier if we were monkeys lol. for all of the so called wisdom and progress of humankind, sometimes i think i'd rather be the monkey.


Blogger Lysee said...

Elyse I love your thoughts on life. you are able to capture the simple reality of every situation. You write it so clearly and straight forward and yet it is... just perfect.

April 21, 2008 at 11:28 AM  

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