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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Epiphany

Okay, well I better make this post quick because I'm falling asleep at the library computer, and if I start drooling that could get awkward. Anyways, I had an epiphany today and I had to share. I was working at my on call job tonight and had a random conversation with a co-worker on what I would call, 'deal-breakers' and 'life-savers'. By this, I mean things that would make me completely disregard dating someone, and things that would make me think of dating someone. After talking for a few minutes, I realized that I had alot more deal-breakers than life-savers in mind. Which makes sense, because I tend to look on the gloomy side of things. That happens to us realists. Anyways, that wasn't the important part. As both of us were going through what qualities these were, the epiphany hit. The most important life-saver of all qualities: someone who is willing to work through hard things. Friendships, relationships, and especially marriages are all hard work. You don't have good ones unless you work at it and are willing to give and take. While there are obviously other factors to consider, that may just be the biggest life-saver of all. So, next time I'm busy thinking about my own deal-breakers, maybe I should stop and consider whether or not I'm working towards my own life-saver: work hard and don't give up on things.


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