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Monday, April 5, 2010

Carpe Diem

I'm in a ponderous mood today...if that's a word...and if it isn't than I'm pensive. Anyways, this past weekend was Easter and Conference, and I found myself reflecting back to last year when I was in the Holy Land having the time of my life and learning things that even now I'm still working through. I find myself looking back to that and wishing I had been more grateful while I was there and not taking it for granted. Then I realized that I'm stuck doing the exact same thing now. I'm in college, meeting new people every day, learning so many new things, and wasting my time worrying about the past and other useless drone. Until this moment I don't think I ever really appreciated the saying "Carpe diem." Because if you don't wake up enough to live where you are, tomorrow and the rest of forever are only going to be filled with regrets. I hate regrets, more than anything in the entire world. You can't do anything about what you did or didn't do, but you can decide now to make the most of every day no matter how hard or awful things get. In the words of Owl City...in every mushroom cloud there's a silver lining. It's up to me to see it I guess. Maybe I just need some nuclear sunglasses.


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