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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Transience of Existence

I did it. Again. I moved. It would sure be nice if I stayed in one place for longer than 6 months, but apparently that is too much to ask of life…or of my contentment. Without fail I always end up relocating somewhere because I get bored. And I know I'll only be at my current residence for six months before London. Wow. I should have my head examined. Anywho, I've been basking in the somewhat carefree vacation, aside from the moving stress of course, and realized that I am getting burned out on school again as well. Not a good sign. At this rate I won't graduate until I'm 30…and that's a problem. I do not want to be hanging around Provo for that long.

On a completely unrelated topic, I've been pondering on the blogging world again lately. Wondering about how incredibly fascinating it is to find people's blogs and see their personality come alive through words. Have you ever met anyone and thought "Well they're nice, but kind of dull" and never really gotten to know them beyond that? But then you discover their blog and hey, it's public domain, so why not read a little? All of the sudden they have a life and a personality. Quirks and things you never even imagined beneath that steely exterior. How do people do that? How do we have so many freaking facets of our personality that you can spend an extended period of time with someone and still never really know who they are? Then I get to wondering how much of my own personality doesn't come across to people when I meet them. Clearly I have too much free time to ponder on things without school.


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