A Little Perspective

Friday, November 9, 2012


Anyone else ever feel like life is this ridiculous game of poker and you just stink at it? Because I do. I'm tired of playing with a poker face. I just want to say I fold and be done with it. Seriously. Dating. School. Work. Homework. Bills. Responsibility. I fold. Moving to a foreign country and trying out a different life for awhile sounds so appealing right now. I don't want to be a grown up anymore. At least not for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up and feel differently. Except I'll have to scrape snow off my car at 8am to go to class. Only grown ups have to do that.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NOT the end of the world

Since facebook and every other mode of communication is exploding right now over the election results, I decided to visit my little corner of blogdom and cast my vote. You want to what my vote is? My vote is that politics stink. It brings out the very worst in people and it kind of depresses me. While I can't claim that I'm satisfied with Obama as president again, I think we need to buck up and stop shaking our fists about it. Democracy has spoken. I'm simply grateful that we at least live in a country where we CAN vote, where we CAN live free, and where we CAN make changes. The next four years might be harder, and they might not, but as Americans we shouldn't waste our time projecting worst-case scenarios of the future just because the outcome isn't what we wanted. Unlike what some might be saying, this is not the end of the world people.