A Little Perspective

Monday, May 26, 2008


I always find it interesting to go back through journals and notice all of the different things I relate as I experience them. One thing seems constant though: I write most when I'm despairing or having absurd social drama. What ever happened to happy? Why don't people like to relate when they're happy? I don't know, but I myself am going to try and be a little better. So that's what this blog is today: the good day blog. Actually it should be the good week blog, because it's been a very good stretch of days lately. Sometimes you just need a good day to remind you what you're sticking around for. Friends are a large part of that...they can make you feel better just by being around. So here's a cheers...to good days and good friends. You know who you are. Thanks for putting up with me and reminding me just how I lucky I am.

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Somedays...I wished I had superpowers. The ability to make myself evaporate would be useful. Of course it would be pretty great if I could evaporate other people too while I'm at it. I always thought being invisible would be best, but I'm re-thinking that one lately. Superpowers are suppose to mean greater evolution right? It would make more sense if the final stage of evolution was to cease existence. A full circle you know? Just like all of those stupid superhero movies that we all know and love...
Anways, aside from the impossible, other things that should be considered superpowers simply because normal people usually can't do them:

shutting one's mouth
doing something just to be nice
actually listening
using self control
not caring what other people think
saying what one really means
being content

But hey, I'm a true pessimist at the core...maybe there are more superheroes out there than I'm giving credit to. Still waiting for the world to prove me wrong though.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Have you ever wondered what life would be like without a person in it? Sometimes you may think that life would be more simple, maybe even happier, if that person were never there. Yet other times you'd swear that if it hadn't been for the thought of them, you never would have made it through things. Maybe love and hate aren't quite as far apart as we all would like to think. People are just too complex. Lets take ramen noodles for example...at some time in everybody's life, they are loving the ramen noodles. It's ok, it happens to all of us. But at some point eventually, the thought of this psuedo asian food makes you nauseous. So it's a love/hate kind of thing. Noodles can't make you feel like dirt though. They can't make you feel insignificant and small. That's only people, and usually just that one person. How about another example? How about the lakers? Back in the day, when I was young and naive (and a native of nevada who had no basketball team), I thought the lakers were the best team ever. I loved watching the games with my dad and brothers while pretending I knew how the game worked by groaning whenever there was a call. That was love. Now, the lakers are the bane of my existence and I think kobe bryant's ego is larger than canada. Not to mention the lack of skills their bench players have. This is what I'd call hate. So there it is again, love and hate. It's a fine line my friends, a fine line. If only relationships were as uncomplicated as ramen noodles and the lakers.